The Moral Foundations of Economy & Society research centre takes up the challenge of re-imaging and reinvigorating the core ideals of education as the life-long cultivation of wisdom and civic virtue. Education that enables human flourishing and a healthy body politic means something more than 'skills training' for economic development. Educare means to cultivate, to lead forth, to draw out from within; and wisdom is derived from the vis in 'vision' and dom meaning judgement and authority. When we consider the challenges of recovery we realise that it is not just enterprise and innovation in economy and technology that is at issue but more fundamentally a revitalization of our political, cultural and moral institutions. Our individual and collective abilities to be innovation and creative, to adapt to change and to reinvent our society and our economy to face the challenges of recovery and the future, whether in the fields of science & technology, industry & economy, law and politics, culture and the arts welcome primarily from vision and the exercise of judgment based on good authority, inspired and guided by the light of higher values and ideals.


Economy & Society Summer School

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For five days in May, at Blackwater Castle, Ireland, the Economy and Society Summer School brings together 50 scholars for an intensive and convivial residential course dealing with theories, concepts and methods of inquiry. Post-graduate students from across disciplines in business and the social sciences need to address both economy and society. Clearly, the economy shapes society, and economic institutions are irreducibly social. Furthermore, in an increasingly interdisciplinary academic world, sociology, anthropology, politics, geography and history on the one hand, and organisation studies, management, marketing, finance and economics on the other can indeed be mutually illuminating.

Thus, this summer school is oriented to the contemporary social science concern with the economy and the turn towards the social in the broad range of economics and business. Bridging the gap between these paradigms and developing a new language to address the intersections of economy and society is a vital contemporary ethical–political concern.


Masterclass Seminars

Leading international scholars will be invited to contribute to research and teaching at the Centre. The inaugural Masterclass was given by Prof. Laurence Fontaine who addressed the theme of "Morality and the Market“, and Prof. Arpad Szakolczai presented a paper entitled "The Genealogy of Fairground Capitalism“. Prof. Fontaine is Directrice de Recherche au Centre Maurice Halbwachs CNRS- École Normale Supérieure-EHESS Paris. Previously she was Professor at the History and Civilisation department of the European University Institute (Florence-Italy). Amongst her many books are Household Strategies for Survival, 1600-2000: Fission, Faction and Cooperation, Cambridge University Press, 2000; Alternative Exchanges: Second-Hand Circulations from the Sixteenth Century to The Present, Berghahn, Oxford, 2008, and L’économie Morale, Pauvreté, Crédit et Confiance dans l’Europe Préindustrielle, Paris, Gallimard, 2008. She is currently working on the practices of economics. In 2015 Prof. Fontaine was awarded the Légion d'Honneur.

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The 2016 masterclass was on the theme “The Value of Social Science to Human Existence in Hypermodernity” 

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