Community Voices for Renewed Ireland


This project features people involved in the development of grassroots social alternatives that contribute to the ethical transformation of Ireland in the name of social and environmental justice. The presentations and ensuing discussions will contribute to developing a new language that more clearly links economic and social development and begins a new process of thinking about the ethics and values at the heart of our economy and society.

This civic engagement project is led by Chris McInerney (UL) Ciaran Lynch (LIT) and Kieran Keohane (UCC)

Community Voices for a Renewed Ireland meetings provide a platform for new initiatives engaged in community building and the development of social and environmental resilience. They explore home, neighbourhood, and community as key foundations of our ethical identity - social spaces within which we can live better, more hopeful and meaningful lives.

The forums offer recognition to a variety of social initiatives; provide a space in which common themes can emerge and connections be made; and explore how academic researchers and community organizers can mutually enrich and assist each other in their work.